Optimal scheduling and control for constrained multi-agent networked control systems, Optimal Control Applications and Methods, 0143-2087 (ISSN) 1099-1514 (eISSN)Vol. 43 Issue 1 p. 23-43, 2022 by Masoud Bahraini,Mario Zanon,Alessandro Colombom Paolo Falcone

Abstract: In this paper, we study optimal control and communication schedule co-design for multi-agent networked control systems, with assuming shared parallel communication channels and uncertain constrained linear time-invariant discrete-time systems. To that end, we specify the communication demand for each system using an associated robust control invariant set and reachability analysis. We use these communication demands and invariant sets to formulate tube-based model predictive control and offline/online communication schedule co-design problems. Since the scheduling part includes an infinite dimension integer problem, we propose heuristics to find suboptimal solutions that guarantee robust constraints satisfaction and recursive feasibility. The effectiveness of our approach is illustrated through numerical simulations.

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