The research group in Control systems is aimed at controlling, modeling, estimating from data autonomous systems and intelligent machines

Who are we?

I-RIM 3D 2022 @Maker Fair – ROME

On October 7th-9th, in Rome there will the I-RIM conference., the conference of the Robotic and Intelligent Machine society. On Saturday 8th, I will present a talk inside the WS that i co-organized with A. Lay-Ekuakille and A. Orlandini on

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Keynote lecture at ITSRC22

Keynote lecture at the 2ND ISRAELI SMART TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH CENTER (ISTRC) ANNUAL CONFERENCE The lecture “Safe-by-design motion planning. The role of prediction” will be on Monday July the 4th Here is the technical program

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2 Ph.D. positions in DAuSY

Two Ph. D. positions are announced at the Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” of theUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia about autonomous systems in the national Ph.D programme (DAuSY). CALLWe seek for motivated students holding a master’s in electrical engineering,

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Short class for PHD school

On May 13th, 16th and 17th there will be a short class for Ph.D. students on Robotics: Modeling(Zanasi), Identification (Giarré) and Control (Biagiotti) from 10 to 13 in Sala Riunioni, Building 26 DIEF Unimore and Teams. Teams: May 13th 2002

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AVA Workshop @ CVPR

We will be present at the CVPR conference in the workshop AVA: Accessibility, Vision, and Autonomy MeetJune 20, 2022New Orleans, Louisiana with the talk Laura Giarre’ Accessibility and Independent Navigation for People with Visual Impairments

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Recent papers

Optimal scheduling and control for constrained multi-agent networked control systems, Optimal Control Applications and Methods, 0143-2087 (ISSN) 1099-1514 (eISSN)Vol. 43 Issue 1 p. 23-43, 2022 by Masoud Bahraini,Mario Zanon,Alessandro Colombom Paolo Falcone Abstract: In this paper, we study optimal control and communication schedule co-design

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SmartMO workshop

On April 4th we have organized a workshop on Smart City, Mobility, and Gender issues Workshop .

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What I like about automatic control is the ability to provide tools capable of finding complete, robust solutions, able in real time to deal with external actions over the system we want to control. In particular, I see robotics as an interesting application of those techniques, as well as being an area that has always fascinated me.

Giovanni Braglia Ph.D. student

Active projects

  • PRIN 2020-2022.
  • Partecipation to the European Project NEWCONTROL :